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Announcement General Assembly on the 14th of November

The next annual assembly will take place in the Snijderszaal on the 14th of November at 6 PM. The agenda is as follows:

1. Opening
2. Approval of agenda
3. Approval minutes GA 11th & 12th of September 2017
4. Announcements
5. Mail
6. Education announcements
7. Mutation Evaluation Committee 1 (EvaCie 1)
8. Mutation Evaluation Committee 2 (EvaCie 2)
9. Discharge Illustrious Society of Bedels (PeCo)
10. Discharge Party Committee (FeeCie)
11. Budget presentation Maxwell Committee
12. Proposal Klushok Committee
13. Installation Winter Activities Committe (wAkCie)
14. Installation Symposium Committee
15. Mutation EESTEC Committee
16. Mutation Klushok Committee
17. Mutation Onderwijs Overleg Commissie (OOC)
18. Mutation Archive Committee
19. Mutation Female Electrical Engineers (FEE)
20. Mutation Bar Committee (BarCo)
21. Any other business
22. Survey
23. Closing


Announcement 146th Board

Dear members,

On Tuesday September 12th the 146th Board of the Electrotechnische Vereeniging constituted itself as follows:

William Hunter: President
Tijs Moree: Secretary
Wouter Kayser: Treasurer
Karen van der Werff: Commissioner of External Affairs
Thomas Roos: Commissioner of Education & Vice-President

Annual Assembly on the 11th and 12th of September

The next annual assembly will take place in the Studieverzameling on the 11th and 12th of September. The agenda is as follows:

Agenda for Monday (with approximate start of item):
1. Opening 10:30
2. Approval of agenda 10:31
3. Approval minutes 15th of June 2017 10:34
4. Announcements 10:41
5. Mail 10:50
6. Education announcements 10:51
7. Presentation serverplan Computer Committee (CoCo) 11:00
8. Mutation Computer Committee (CoCo) 11:20
9. Mutation Homepage Committee (HoCo) 11:27
10. Mutation Location Committee (LoCo) 11:35
11. Mutation Wintersport Committee 11:42
12. Mutation Long Term Vision Committee (ViCie) 11:50
13. Mutation Archive Committee 11:57
— break from 12:10 till 12:30 —
14. Financial report of financial year 2016/2017 12:30
15. Budget presentation of financial year 2017/2018 13:10
16. Suspension of the meeting 14:00

Agenda for Tuesday:
1. Reopening 11:00
2. Announcements 11:01
3. Mutation Bar Committee (BarCo) 11:07
4. Budget Presentation of the Weekend Committee 11:15
5. Presentation Financial Results and Discharge Dies Committee 11:35
— break from 12:10 till 12:45 —
6. Proposal addition article ’chapters’ (disputen) in the RoP (HR) 12:45
The proposed new article is available in the board room. This agenda point will be discussed in
7. Presentation Financial Results and Discharge Maxwell Committee 13:05
8. Installation of the Maxwell Committee 13:25
9. Mutation EESTEC Committee 13:35
10. Mutation EESTEC LC Delft Board 13:45
11. Mutation Financial Advisory Board (KVC) 13:55
12. Mutation The Illustrious Society of Bedels (PeCo) 14:05
13. Annual education report from the Commissioner of Education 14:15
14. Annual report from the Secretary 14:30
15. Valedictory P.C. van den Heuvel, President of the 145th Board 15:00
16. Discharge of the 145th Board and installation of the 146th Board 15:15
The next composition will be proposed: William Hunter (President), Tijs Moree (Secretary), Wouter Kayser (Treasurer), Karen van der Werff (Commissioner of External Affairs), Thomas Roos
(Commissioner of Education & Vice-President).
17. Inaugural speech President of the 146th Board 15:45
— suspension for the constitutional drinks from 16:00 —
18. Any other business
19. Survey
20. Closing

Announcement Potential Board

During the General Assembly on the 15th of June 2017 the 145th Board proposed the following candidates for the 146th Board of the Electrotechnische Vereeniging:

William Hunter - President

Tijs Moree - Secretary

Wouter Kayser - Treasurer

Karen van der Werff - Commissioner of External Affairs

Thomas Roos - Commissioner of Education & Vice-President



Roel de Rijk
Secretary of the Electrotechnische Vereeniging


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