Kampterrein overdag

Before all the hard work and the stress of the study Electrical Engineering begins, it's nice to make sure you have some people you know to kick-off the year with a bang. To start the upcoming year in a good way, the students of the Electrotechnische Vereeniging organise the Elektro Ontvangst Weekend, the EOW. During this weekend you get to know your soon-to-be fellow students, the study, the faculty and of course the study association (the ETV).

This weekend is filled with all sorts of fun activities, mainly focused on getting to know your fellow students. It is often the basis for friendships that last for years. During the EOW you also get the chance to see parts of the faculty (EWI) where you can't get to on a normal day.

savonds The EOW is the stepping stone to the life of a student. This is where you learn to tie a tie, how to integrate, why hoping is a bad thing and what words like "soggen", "politesse" and "strepen" mean. But most of al, you learn why your study, EE, is the best study of them all. To put it shortly, the Elektro Ontvangst Weekend is something you dont want to miss! The EOW will take place from the 18th until 21st of august. More information will come to you when you enroll for the study. See you then!

Note: The primary language of the EOW is Dutch!