Confidential Advisors

The confidential advisors are there to help members of the ETV with undesirable behavior (such as aggression, violence, stalking, discrimination, bullying, and (sexual) intimidation), abuses, and violations of integrity (such as theft, conflicts of interest, and abuse of powers) within the Association. You can also go to confidential mentors with personal problems. These people have therefore received training to help you as best as possible and to offer support. The mentors are there to give a listening ear and treat the information confidentially. This means that conversations are never passed on, not even to the other confidential mentor. If something has happened within the ETV (or outside it) about which you want to talk to someone, you can always contact them. So also when in doubt: call, text, WhatsApp, mail or speak to them where others are not present. This also applies expressly if you see something happening, but do not want or dare to speak to the person about it.

Willem de Laat and Marijn Boringa will be the confidential advisors in the 2021/2022 academic year. Below is a small introduction and the contact details are given.


Hi everybody,
My name is Marijn and I am now in my third year of the bachelor Electrical Engineering. From September to January I'm doing a minor in machine learning and artificial intelligence in Linz, Austria, so I'm only available online for an interview. Outside of studying I like to be with friends and I like sports. If you have any concerns and need a listening ear, you can always send me a message.

M: +31643422081


My name is Jorrit, I am 21 years old and I am doing my bachelor electrical engineering. I like being with friends and having a lot of people around me and I concern myself with social wellbeing. I am a huge fan of cabaret and all sorts of jokes and pranks, and I always love drinking a specialty beer at home or in the /Pub. You can always come to me if anything bothers you or if you want to talk about something.

M: +31655127902