The Electrotechnische Vereeniging (ETV) is the study association for all Electrical Engineering students at the TU Delft. The primary goal of the ETV is to evaluate and improve education, this is why the ETV supports students that want to give feedback about education.


Books are available at our service desk (with limited inventory) or online at 


It is essential for the evaluation and renewal of education that the ETV knows what is happening during lectures, projects and examinations. This is why any complaints that students have about education must be assessed. Complaints about education can be made by dropping by the board room or by sending a message on the complaints page for education.


As preparation for exams, it is nice to practice exams of the previous years. Often, old exams are available on BrightSpace on the relevant page of the subject. In addition on the available material on blackboard, the ETV has an exam page where old exams can also be found. Answers and additional exercises can sometimes also be found on this page


On the modulecard, an overview of the bachelor programme is presented. The current overview is for the academic year of 2016-2017 and is also available for download as PDF. Additional information as subject descriptions and master programmes can be found in the study guide.


During the first half of the third year, bachelor students have to follow a minor programme. To simplify the choice in minor, the ETV has made a guide in which Electrical Engineering students share their experiences with certain minors. This guide can be found here. Want to contribute to the minor guide? Then please fill in this form.


A survey has been made for Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering alumni. This is to review in which sectors graduates find jobs and in what type of positions they are hired. But also to review if the education has prepared them for these type of jobs. Read here for the results.