Lunchlezing Smit Transformers

15 - 13 Jun / 12:30 u - 13:30 u
Lecture Hall Boole

“Challenges in transformer design and manufacturing – a short overview”


Transformers are one of the most complex devices operating in the power system. Being installed in different places of the network, they maintain the proper voltage level as well as ensure the proper direction of the power flow. Once put in operation, the device should operate reliably for a period of e.g. 30 years withstanding operational stresses as well as occasional over-voltages or short-circuit situation.
Current regulation force manufacturing more efficient transformers by using improved materials on the one hand. On the other hand, the use of more environmental-friendly materials in a transformer, e.g. natural oils, need to increase as well so that the environmental footprint is decreased.
In the end, due to increased energy consumption and development of renewable energy sources, the size of the produced transformers as well as their operating conditions are reaching extremes. Solar pharms in a desert or off shore wind pharms can be given as an example. All the mentioned factors force careful consideration of all design details so that the transformer can operate reliably and safely for the humans and environment.

During the lunch lecture, an overview of the transformer design and construction process will be given. By presenting some examples of the produced transformers the current challenges in the process of transformer construction will be discussed.

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