ETV announces DutchTrip

The ETV organises an event especially for international students.

Get to know the Dutch culture by visiting the Pier in Scheveningen and enjoy the view at the coast. For lunch we will eat pancakes at the Pier. Furthermore we will go to Madurodam where you can see the Dutch landmarks in a smaller formfactor.

The bus will leave from EWI and you will be dropped off at EWI at the end of the afternoon.

The cost will be €10,- per student with a maximum of 40 students. You can apply at the ETV desk.

General Assembly 29th of September

Hereby the provisional agenda for the general assembly that will take place on the 19th of September. The location will follow. 

1. Introduction (Opening)
2. Approval of agenda (Vaststelling der definitieve agenda)
3. Approval of minutes (Goedkeuring notulen vergadering d.d. 7 en 8 september 2016)
4. Announcements (Mededelingen)
5. Mail (Post)
6. Education announcements(Onderwijsmededelingen)
7. Presentation of the yearly budget 2016 (Jaarbegroting 2016)
8. Discharge of the LC Delft Board (LC Delft Board Decharge)
9. Installation of the LC Delft Board (LC Delft Board installatie)
10. Discharge of the EESTEC-committee (EESTEC-commissie decharge)
11. Installation of the EESTEC-committee (EESTEC-commissie installatie)
12. Enrichment of board functions (Verrijking Bestuursfuncties)
13. Any other business (WVTTK)
14. Survey (Rondvraag)
15. Close of meeting (Sluiting)

New ETV board

Last tuesday 13-09 the new ETV board was installed. 

The 145th board consists of:

Philip van den Heuvel - President

Roel de Rijk - Secretary

Cesc Varkevisser - Treasurer

Declan Buist - Commissioner of External Affairs

Luc Enthoven - Commissioner of Education and Vice-president

Notulen Algemene Vergadering 15 januari 2016

Algemene Vergadering 12 januari 2016

Notulen Algemene Vergadering 9 december 2015

Algemene Vergadering 9 december

Notulen Algemene Vergadering 4 november 2015