Notulen vergadering 12 januari

Aankondiging Algemene Vergadering

Algemene Vergadering

Maandag 12 januari 11:00

Timmannzaal (LB 01.170)

1. Opening

2. Vaststelling der definitieve agenda

3. Notulen Jaarvergadering d.d. 8 en 9 september 2014

4. Notulen Algemene Vergadering d.d. 14 november 2014

5. Mededelingen

6. Post

7. Onderwijsmededelingen

8. Begroting Rallycommissie

9. Installatie en begroting Illustere Bedrijven Dingen commissie

10. Installatie en begroting Feestcommissie

11. Installatie EvaCie 1

12. Mutatie EvaCie 2

13. Mutatie EvaCie 3

14. Installatie Electrip

15. Exploitatie, Verslag KVC en Decharge 32ste EOW-commissie


17. Rondvraag

18. Sluiting

DigiDeb website werkt weer

Aankondiging Algemene Vergadering

Osiris mail alerts

From now in it is possible to get a mail notification when a grade has been added. You can enable this setting on

For the full article, please visit:

Digideb offline

Wijziging in functieverdeling Potentieel Bestuur

The Potential 143rd Board has announced itself. The functions are following:

President: Jonas Carpay
Secretary: Bart Kölling
Treasurer and Vice President: Sjors Nijhuis
Commissioner of External Affairs: Attila Lengyel
Commissioner of Education: Leon Loopik


You have until the 4th of September to register an opponent by the Secretary of the Electrotechnische Vereeniging


For more information about the Study Tour:

Telefonisch weer bereikbaar

The number 015-27 86189 does work again. 

Telefonisch onbereikbaar

Due to a fload in the board room, the phone number 015-27 86189 does not work. The numbers 015-27 81399 and 015-27 81989 do work without trouble.