/Pub Barkeepers

/Pub Barkeepers

Every Wednesday and Thursday evening it is ETV & CH evening in the /pub. To make sure that every guest has a perfectly tapped beer in front of him, there is a large group of ETV members active as bartender. There can't be enough bartenders, so if you are interested, don't be shy to tell the Board or to fill in this form: etv.tudelft.nl/barkeeper.

/Pub Barkeepers contains the following members

  • Lucas (Luc) Enthoven

  • William Hunter

  • Tijs Moree

  • Wouter Kayser

  • Tom Salden

  • Stefano Roos

  • Philip Groet

  • Hendrik Bosma

  • Laurens Vergroesen

  • Willem de Laat

  • David van Beelen

  • Onno Twisk

  • Joos Vrijdag

  • Thomas Pouwels

  • Sam Aanhane

  • Tal Baranes

  • Stefanie Brackenhoff

  • Joris van Breukelen

  • Vera Pauptit

  • Tim Plantfeber

  • Floor (Fleur) Walterbos

  • Marcel Brouwers

  • Owen van Hooff

  • Maxim Mazurovs