KPN workshop

21 Feb / 13:30 u - 17:30 u

During the KPN Internet of Things Workshop you will learn how secretly simple it is to program an IoT device and make it connected. We shall also connect the device to a data service, such that by the end of the workshop you have all the knowledge to create an end-to-end IoT solution: device, connectivity and data handling!


Since we are also a company, we will tell something about KPN as well. We show how KPN is committed to the developments of the Internet of Things and we talk about the possibilities for you at KPN.


You need your own laptop to participate in the workshop. We will provide the device and accessories and you can even keep it after the workshop. That way you can continue with the Internet of Things at home.


We conclude the workshop with a drink in the /Pub, such that we can evaluate the new knowledge while enjoying a nice beer. On us!