Workshop V.O.

22 Feb / 16:00 u - 19:30 u

On Thursday 22nd of February from 16:00 until 19:30 V.O. will hold a workshop about patent protection of a product. You get to experience being a patent attorney for a few hours. With guidance of the young yet experienced patent attorneys, you will be challenged to figure out what the best way may be to apply for patent protection of a product. We will not tell you now what it is exactly, but it is about beer.

Next, you will be tested on how effective the selected options for protection are to fend off counterfeit. As part of a team, you will compete to provide the best solution for patent protection of a very popular invention and the members of the winning will win the product itself. Due to the time of the workshop, it can conflict with your dinner arrangements, so we will take care of the dinner with a pizza! You can sign up via the ETV desk or the following link: